Why is it so important to hire a makeup artist/hair stylist for my wedding?

The answer is quite simple; education, experience, and knowledge. I will help create a stress-free, convenient environment for you and all your girls. It is so important to make this day about YOU, so being pampered to start off the morning can be extremely rewarding. It is important that your makeup will look as beautiful and relevant in 20 years as it does on the day of your wedding. So relax; hire a professional to beautify. With experience and skill, I am able to create a look for you that fits you, your personality, and enhances your natural beauty. 

How do I reserve my date with you?

Ideally, when you find out your date. The earlier, the better! Most brides book 6-12 months out. I reserve dates with no verbal commitment or trial date booked up to two weeks. I ALWAYS reach out for confirmation before I give the day up. 

Do you travel to me on the wedding day?

Of course! The services you pay for include convenience to make the morning of your big day THAT much less stressful. 

Where is Sydney Felix Hair & Makeup located?

2922 E. Chapman Ave Orange, CA is where my makeup studio is located. Although I do base most of my business out of Orange County, LA, and the Inland Empire, I am available for travel (travel fees apply). See some of my work from Northern California, Arizona, Mexico, Hawaii and more in my portfolio! 

Can you help with coordinating my wedding day timeline?

Absolutely. Depending on the number of your party, I typically speak with your planner/coordinator to make a detailed schedule to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone is ready before the expected time. 

What is airbrush foundation and do you offer it?

Yes! Airbrush foundation is a light-weight makeup applied through an air gun machine that produces a thin, even layer of makeup and creates a matte finish. It is ideal for a variety of skin types ranging from extremely dry to extremely oily and is also completely buildable which is ideal for acne prone skin requiring more coverage. The end result creates a true airbrushed finish resulting in flawless skin for your wedding pictures!

What are your rates?

My rates are extremely reasonable with great pricing packages. Each rate is different depending on the size of the party and location. E-mail to inquire at info@hairandmakeupbysydney.com

How large of a wedding party can you accommodate in one day?

As many as you would like. For parties larger than 7, I have stylists on hand to double up services and make sure everyone is ready by the required time. 

Are lashes included with every makeup application?

Yes, indeed. Lashes are always included and highly suggested, even for mothers and grandmothers! (They are not required, of course, if you prefer your naturals!)

Will my makeup hold up all day into the night?

Absolutely! A true professional application will last hours on end. I strive to use key products on the skin and eyes for long lasting tear/sweat proof durability! 

Do you stay with the bride through photos and ceremony?

I can if preferred! This however is an additional flat rate charge added to the price of the package. If you choose not to elect this option, I make sure to do all touch ups required before packing up and leaving for the day for no extra charge, just my service to you!

Do you do a trial run or preview before the day of the wedding?

Yes, I do have an optional -but suggested - trial. Most brides book these appointments to be 1-6 months before the wedding. This is where we will pin down exactly what you want makeup and hair wise for your big day! Some women schedule these appointments on the mornings of their bridal showers to kill two birds with one stone. 

Where do the trials take place?

I offer in-home trials for certain circumstances, but about 95% of my trials take place in my makeup studio off Chapman on the 55 freeway in Orange, CA. 

How do I reserve my date with you?

The earlier, the better! I reserve dates with no commitment up to two weeks. I ALWAYS reach out for verbal confirmation before I give the day up. 

Is anything required for me to bring the morning of my trial or wedding day?

Just a clean face, dry hair, and inspiration photos! Moisturizer is acceptable, as long as it is SPF free. (SPF causes a white cast on your face in photos and we don't want that for those special days.)

Am I required to have both hair and makeup done with you to book?

No, absolutely not! I understand you may have a stylist or makeup artist that has grown with you throughout the years and would prefer one service done by me over the other. I love doing hair and makeup equally just as much!

How many services are required to book?

At least three. (example: Bride hair, Bride makeup, & Maid of honor makeup)

Where can I read reviews from previous clients about you?

You can find reviews under the "testimonials" section on my website.